Thursday, March 24, 2016

Week 7 - Master Closet - 14 Week Home Organization Challenge

I'm a little behind on posting...the challenge is on week 11 this week! Almost done! I have been doing the challenges, but just haven't had the chance to get the posts up. Because, well, life. And four kids! :D I'm working on them, though!

Today, I have the master closet. I really like our closet. It's pretty big. Much better than the one in our last house that was probably the size of a coat closet.
So, here is the before...
Unorganized clothes, items waiting to be put on hangers...A bag of things for the donation pile, and a super cute baby (Spoiler alert...She gets to stay!) ;)
I decided I wanted my hangers to look a little more grown up, since we have grown up night stands now! :D
I found these at Costco. They were only $10 for each box!
All those plastic hangers got replaced! I actually ended up selling them all for $10, so I almost kinda got a box for free! :D I kept all the white ones for our J's closet makeover.
At this point, I hadn't reorganized everything yet.
So pretty!
All finished...

My husband prefers the wood hangers for his clothes, so we have been slowly collecting those. I found a pretty good deal on Amazon, so I was able to switch all his hangers over, too. We got some at IKEA once, and he is NOT a fan! Haha

In case you haven't noticed by now, I really do love having everything organized. I love the look of all the matching hangers.
For my shoes, I got large plastic bins. I didn't want to get the smaller ones because I didn't want to have so many. I am still planning on getting the smaller ones for my heels.
In the large ones I have one for flats, flip flops, boots, and

Next week, the kids closet is being tackled!

You can see the full challenge here: (I will update as I go!)
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Week 8 - Kid's Closet
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