Sunday, July 20, 2014

Refashion | Pants to Shorts | DIY

Hi again!!
So I have his pair of pants a friend gave me. They fit great at the waist and I lived the pinstripe. The only problem was that they were long. Like, really long. I think theyight have been labeled as "tall". I'm not tall. So the pants sat around longer than thy should have. I was cleaning out my part one day, and I was just about to put them in the giveaway bag, when I had an idea! I thought I would try to make hem iti shorts. What's the worst that could happen right? 

I grabbed a pair of shorts that I already had that I liked the length of, and have the pants a good chop a few inches    below where I wanted them to be. I decides to make these a little longer than the pair I already had. 

Once I was done chopping, I folded the nottom for a nice wide hem. Then I pinned it all together and have it a quick sew at the seams. After trying them on, I will probably go back and see the entire cuff down. Maybe. If I get around to it.  Just because I'm a little picky

Here they are in use! (Please disregard my hotel bathroom selfie!!)
This was such an easy project. I will most likely be going through all of my pants I see I I have any more that are too long to wear comfortably! 

Do you have a refashion that you are working on? If love to see it! You can alo share on the Facebook page!