Monday, June 13, 2016

Menu Plan Monday - Grill Week - June 13

Hello hello!! Welcome back!
This is our last full week in Maryland! :(
Our menu this week is full of grilled foods for dinner. My husband is back home after being gone for three weeks, so this was all his request :)

We will be visiting some friends in Rhode Island over the weekend, so I only have today through Thursday planned for meals.
Pork chops
Green beans
Shrimp & Chicken kabobs with peppers and onions
corn on the cob

Roasted Potatoes

Chicken Salad
Not the chicken salad you're thinking of...We make a regular old salad and throw soe grilled chicken on top. With Italian dressing. Delicious!

Ham & Cheese

That's it for me this week!! For a bigger list of menu ideas, you can head over to I'm an Organizing Junkie for Menu Plan Monday!! :D

See you soon!