Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Hey! Where have you been??

Here I am. Gosh, it's been a while. We have had so much going on the last few months with school ending, summer activities, and many other things! I feel so far behind!! We have been working on a few fun projects. I thought I would share one to get back into the swing of things!!
I have been seeing a lot about Rit Dye, and it got me wanting to dye something of my own. but it couldn't just be anything. I wanted to make it worth it! We have this bed set that we have had for 3.5 years now. I LOVED it when we got it. I still love it...super comfy, keeps me warm, nice and broken in, all that good stuff...but I just wanted something different. Last time I looked at new bed sets, the ones I wanted were over $200. I thought, "Not this time! I'm going to dye my own!!" SO I did!
Here is what they looked like before:

 The sheets were off white, and getting boring...

The comforter was maroon and white...

I went on the hunt for the perfect color...and was lucky enough to find just what I wanted!
 I read lots and lots of directions and tutorials before I got started. We have a front loading washer, so I had to make sure I did everything right. I found THIS super helpful article from the Rit Dye Company! I gave my sheets a quick wash, and began adding the dye! This is what it looked like:

 I decided to do the comforter a little different since it was so big. I didn't want to end up with a tye-dye comforter! I did MORE research about dying in the tub, and enlisted the two cutest helpers ever to help "agitate"
 Then we rinsed out all the teal water! (This took a while!)
 It only took me three days a little while to get around to cleaning the blue ring out of the tub!
After one more quick wash of everything to make sure the dye was all out...we had a brand new bed set!! What do you think??