Thursday, December 18, 2014

12 Days of Christmas Crafts | Day 10 | Packaging

I really enjoy wrapping gifts. I always have. I do think it is more fun during the holidays, though. I love all the options for wrapping paper, bows, tags, etc. This year, we had a few gifts that needed to be mailed. I'm not one to just ship them in a boring box. For some reason, I didn't do a lot of wrapping, though. Each gift got wrapped in  a pretty tissue paper, before it was put in the box, but that was all. It's the rest of the packaging that I am excited about!! :D

While browsing the dollar store a few days ago looking for some mini elf-sized items for our elf, I found this faux snow!!! I knew I had to do something with it, so I grabbed 3 bags!! I already had somewhat of an idea how I wanted to package the boxes, but this was going to have to be added in!
I had these little wooden things (?) I'm not really sure what they are for. I've had them for a while. Maybe tied to a gift?? Anyways...I had Joy, Merry, HoHoHo, and Peace. Each box got one. See the pretty tissue paper?? This box is for my brother (mostly my niece) Her favorite color is red, so I wrapped her gifts in various red tissue papers. The bag is for my sister in law. It has some of the sugar scrub in it that I shared yesterday.

We love getting a real tree every year! We had a few clippings left over, so I added some pieces to the boxes. I also got a giant bag of cinnamon scented pine cones, and had some left over, so everyone got one or two of those, too!! :D

 And went the snow!!
I may have added a little too much, but my parents are in Key West, and my brother and  his family are in Texas! I think they could use a little snow in their lives. Even if it is fake! I just hope they don't hate me too much when it comes time to clean it all up!! :D Hahaha....This stuff is no joke! Little L got into the bag and spilled it everywhere! The little beads don't like to be picked up so easy!

How would you feel about opening a box full of "snow"??

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