Friday, January 9, 2015

21 Day Fix | 21 Days of Meals and Snack Ideas | Day 5 | Snack

Snack time is my weakness. I would much rather grab a bag of chips than take the time to make something. Sometimes, I am able to plan ahead. This was the case this week. I made up a batch of hard-boiled eggs to eat throughout the week.

So easy for a quick morning snack to hold me over until lunch time. And it's only 1Red!

 I don't really like eating the yolk all the time, so I usually just take one of them out.

I like to eat my hard boiled eggs with salt. Lots of it. I know this is not good. To modify, I add pepper, and just a little salt. Yum!!

This could also be added to some bacon and fruit for a delicious breakfast!

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