Wednesday, January 7, 2015

21 Day Fix | 21 Days of Meal and Snack Ideas | Day 3 | Snack

I have another delicious snack for you today!!

Last month, I found a recipe for this honey whole wheat bread. I add flax, sunflower seeds, and oats to mine. It is SO good, y'all! I like to eat it toasted the best.

Today, I just added some of my teaspoons of peanut butter onto a toasted piece of this bread. All the grains are so filling. It definitely made a great snack!!
I used
1 Yellow
3 Teaspoons (You can definitely use more/less depending on the rest of the day's meal plan!)

I think any kind of nut butter or seed butter would be good on this bread. I may try it with sunflower butter next! :)

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