Monday, April 4, 2016

Menu Plan Monday - April 04

Goooood morning!!

So last week was fun. I got to work on a couple projects. I have a list of projects that I need to finish. I was able to cross one off the list, and do two others that were not on the list.

One of these projects included a little make over for our lazy susan. We got one from IKEA after we moved here. It's a blonde wood and I have never really liked it. It didn't fit with anything else in our house. I have been wanting to refinish it, but I could never decide what color I wanted it to be. After stalking Pinterest for a few minutes, I finally made a decision!! AND I got to learn how to use a new tool - a Dremel. I have used one before, but only to carve pumpkins and my husband set it all up for me. Haha. This time I used it to etch wood and got it all set up by myself. (ThanksYouTube!) ;)

Here it is! What do you think? My husband said it reminds him of the Garth Brooks logo. I think I have to agree.

I will do a full post on this soon! I am so glad I decided to stain it. Now it matches the bar stools I refinished last summer :)

I also refinished the top of our living room table! It was getting a little banged up, and I wanted a change. I originally covered it with some pretty contact paper, but I hated it because it didn't match the room at all! After a couple weeks, I pulled it off. Not a good idea! Now I really needed to redo it!
A friend let me borrow some chalk paint, and I just redid the top. It is so much better. It may not be perfect, but we're moving soon, and it's not coming with us. It's great for now! :)

Our kitchen got a little update with some fun new rugs! I am in love with the bright colors in these!
And finally...I got Amelia's mobile finished and hung up. This is the one I got to cross off my list. It really should have been done a long time ago!
All in all, it was a pretty productive week! Thank goodness we had easy dinners planned!! :D
I'm looking forward to what this week has in store!!

Here is what the menu looks like!!
 Chili mac & cheese

Pork chops, green bean casserole, salad
Sesame noodles with chicken and broccoli

I don't have Saturday and Sunday planned yet!! I'll have to work on it and update later this week!! ;)

Our breakfasts this week will include:
* eggs
* French toast
* biscuits & gravy
* muffins
* waffles

* chicken salad
* tuna
* mac & cheese

* carrots with hummus
* vegetable spinach dip
* yogurt with fruit

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For more menu planning ideas, check out the Menu Plan Monday I link up with! :)

See you soon! :D