Wednesday, February 17, 2016

14 Week Home Organization Challenge - Week 3 - Dining Room

So, I was sitting down to write up the post for weeks 4 & 5 and I realized that I never even shared week 3!! I can't believe it. First, that makes me a little farther behind than I thought. Second...oh my gosh! I was so excited about this week! I know exactly what happened, though. It fell on the snow week....everything has been messed up since then!!

But, have no is week 3...the dining room! I initially thought I wouldn't be doing much in here. A little dusting and rearranging maybe, but nothing too serious. Let me tell you, I was wrong!!
I was talking to Austin about a 'maybe' idea that I had. He sat and listened through the entire process. A few minutes later, I had to get up to go lay the little down for nap. When I cam back down stairs, he was already moving things!! Yay!!
Here is the photo I snapped at the end of week to as my 'peek' into my dining room
And one I took as I was heading upstairs (obviously on a different day where much more chaos was involved! :D
And my awesome husband moving the cabinet upstairs...
And the afters...
I have a real coffee/tea bar now! ♥ All in one spot!
 Updated this morning after I took down all the Valentine's...
Did you notice my sweet little creamer cow??? I was SO excited to finally find this over the weekend!!

Isn't she beautiful??

 I was even able to make a little 'bar' area on the counter where the coffee machine used to be! It's perfect!
 I don't know how I didn't get a full dining room shot after we finished, but I got my favorite parts. I will try and update with one later...
For now I am going to leave you with this 'peek' into our living room and launch pad area (week 4 & 5) I know it's not a true peek, but our dog was being a creeper and it made me laugh!!
I will have the Launch Pad week and Living room week posted together (probably tomorrow!!)
In the mean time, head over to Facebook and let me know if you have a pet that likes to be a creeper sometimes! :D

You can see the full challenge here: (I will update as I go!)
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I am following along with A Bowl Full of Lemons for this 14 week challenge!
They are on Facebook, too! :D

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