Sunday, January 17, 2016

14 Week Home Organization Challenge - Week 1 - Kitchen

I am so happy to share this post today! For the last few years, I have been participating in the 14 Week Home Organization Challenge with A Bowl Full of Lemons. As soon as I see the posts coming up, I get so excited and ready to start! This year, the creator of A Bowl Full of Lemons released a book to accompany the challenge! My heart is happy. I got my copy in the mail just in time for Week 1 to begin!
The challenge starts with the kitchen - purging and organizing the cabinets. While I try to stay on top of this throughout the year, there is nothing like a good challenge to motivate me to do just a little more!
 Here are my  'Before' photos:

This is an after before...I got rid of about 8 cookbooks before I took this photo!
Our fridge has gotten a little crazy!

And the after!
SO much better!!

I even added some contact paper to the top to help with cleanup!

I got rid of about 10 sippy cups from this cabinet! It's so much nicer to open now!
 The next two photo are my two favorite cabintes now, I think. I was able to get rid of enough cookbooks, and make space to have all my Rachael Ray ones in the same place as the others. I always forgot about them in the other cabinet. And now, the baking/spice cabinet is able to be organized so much better. Aaahhhhh!!

 If you are participating in this challenge, I would love to see your Before/Afters!

Next week, the focus is on the pantry!! Here is a sneak peek of my before! :D

You can see the full challenge here: (I will update as I go!)
Week 2 - Pantry
Week 3 - Dining Room
Week 4 & 5 - Launch Pad & Living Room
Week 6 - Master Bedroom
Week 7 - Master Closet
Week 8 - Kid's Closet
Week 9 - Linen Closet
Week 10 - Bathrooms
Week 11 - Office
Week 12 - Playroom
Week 13 - Laundry Room
Week 14 - Garage/Car

Come visit me and share your progress!

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