Thursday, March 17, 2016

14 Week Home Organization Challenge - Week 8- Kids Closet

I know what you're thinking...Where are weeks 6 & 7??? The master bedroom and closet?? Well, it is all typed up and ready to go, but I realized I am missing some 'After' pictures. And it wouldn't be fair to share the before without the after. So, instead of putting it off completely, I am bringing you the kids bedroom.
Today, only the oldest got his bedroom and closet taken apart and put back together. While he may have moaned and groaned in the beginning, once he started to see progress, I think he actually enjoyed finishing. I only got pictures of the closet makeover, but that was the biggest adventure in his room. Here is the before...Lots of hangers. This closet used to be nice and organized...then a teenager happened! Haha He looks like he was even trying to hide from it all!
We got to work pulling everything out that didn't fit anymore, or that he just didn't like anymore. There was a lot of both!
Our church was (conveniently!) doing a clothing drive, so we were able to donate all of his castaways to a good home!
You'll see in my master bedroom closet makeover that I got us some grown up hangers. I saved all the white plastic ones and gave them to J. His hanging clothes are separated now for school/church/etc. and they all get to be on nice white hangers. It looks so much nicer! His closet is now super organized. All the board games have been rearranged and put back together. And look at all that space below!! This was definitely a win for today!

But wait...there's more...I also got A's closet cleaned out since she doesn't really need it right now. Hers is completely empty for a big adventure we are about to take on! I will be sharing more details about that soon!! :D

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Stay tuned for the Master bedroom! :D


  1. My hubby is a retired Coastie Chief and I enjoy reading your blog. I sure remember those days and love reading your blog.

    1. That is awesome! I don't meet other Coasties too often!
      I am so happy to hear you enjoy reading my blog! Sometimes I wonder if anyone does! :D