Thursday, February 18, 2016

14 Week Home Organization Challenge - Weeks 4 & 5 - Launch Pad & Living Room

Okay...we're almost caught up now! I planned on posting these two weeks together since they are in the same space.
 I was not very excited about these weeks.  This is our 'grown-ups only' room. No toys allowed. The room that I loved so much, that used to be my favorite place in the house, had somehow turned into just a room in the house. How did that happen?? After some thought, I realized when it may have happened. It was a very slow process. First, the baby items came in. I expected this, and I know they won't be here long. But then the snow came, and with it all the hats, gloves, scarves, etc. They all piled up by the door. It just started to feel like stuff was cluttered everywhere. I got right to work clearing out all the extras. Once it was all done, I walked into the room so many times throughout the day just to soak it all it. My favorite room is back!
Let's get to it, shall we?
Here is our entry table. With Valentine decorations that were never properly displayed. And the basket of winter items. And the baby's car seat. Ugh.

And a close up in case you can't see all the crazy!
This is the view looking from the kitchen.

I decided it was time for the Valentine's Day things to go. Valentine's is over now, so we don't need to see it anymore. I took the car seat and moved it by the garage door for now so it can stay in the car. I also refreshed my flowers and updated our picture in the frame.
So much better!! I'm planning on getting a new candle for the candle holder!
Next was the living room area.
From the kitchen entry and around...

This crooked picture is what happens when I hold my phone above my head and try to get a wider shot! :D
I finished removing all the Valentine's related décor. Put the pillows back on the couch, and rearranged the items on the shelf.
I also pulled the rug closer to the couch and tucked it under a bit. Pinterest said that would help the room feel more grounded. Haha. We'll see!

I also dusted off the TV stand and rearranged our little bird family on there ♥

 This whole process, including shaking out the rug, and moving it, and vacuuming the room, took less than 30 minutes. It was definitely a much needed transformation. The room is so much more peaceful again!!

You can see the full challenge here: (I will update as I go!)
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THIS IS WEEKS 4 & 5 :)
Week 6 - Master Bedroom
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Do you have a favorite room in your house? Stop by and let me know!!

You can follow along with A Bowl Full of Lemons to Organize your home in 14 weeks, too!! This week, I'm working on the Master Bedroom!!

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