Friday, February 15, 2013

Banana Bread

     I have a very bad habit of buying a big bunch of bananas and letting them go bad. I don't know why. I love bananas. Every time I buy them I tell myself that THIS will be the time that they all get eaten....yeah right...
     The plus side to this is that we always get to have some banana bread. I love banana bread even more than bananas. Maybe I subconsciously leave just enough bananas to go bad for this reason??? Hmmmm. Something to think about!
     This time, Jacob asked if he could make it by himself. Who am I to say no to this?? I gave him the recipe and helped gather the supplies he couldn't reach, and let him have at it! I had tons of fun taking his picture! I have to say he did a pretty darn good job! It was so good that it was gone by the end of the day! I am very proud to say that it was not me {this time} who ate it all!!

I can't wait to let bananas go bad again so we can have more! As soon as I can find the recipe I used, I will post it!!: )

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