Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Tupperware Tuesday

It's Tuesday again!
 This week I am so excited to share with you one if my very favorite pieces of Tupperware! It is the Modular Mates Storage System! I . Love. Them! Both my pantry and baking cabinets are full of modular mates in every shape and size. They come in four different styles ( square, rectangle, oval, and super oval) I think the rectangles have to be favorite of all the shapes. They are so versatile. I have my baking items in them. They are also great for snacks. The rectangle 1 size holds a container of Oreos perfectly! No soggy Oreos in this house!
Have you ever found three boxes of baking soda in three different cabinets because you thought you were out? How about starting to make a cake and realie that the bag of flour you thought you had is almost empty?
The rectangles and super ovals are also made to fit in any standard size cabinet from front to back. This means you are not losing any space behind the container where something could get lost and forgotten about. They are also see through so you will always know exactly how much sugar, flour, chips, etc. you have left with just a quick glance. I took these photos this morning of my cabinets to give you an idea of what your cabinets could look like!

I have the blue seals on mine. It is a personal preference. They are also available in red, and...coming soon...black!!The black will be around for a very limited time. You can view an order them HERE. nd if you have any questions, please feel free to send me a message!!

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