Thursday, November 1, 2012

21 months

That is how old Kyle turned in October. I can't believe how much time has gone by already! October was a very productive month for Kyle. He learned so many new words and started getting into so much more!
He has also found out that he really loves helping me cook. It doesn't matter what I am making, he will draga chair over from the table and help with whatever he can!

Waiting for Hurricane Sandy

I love watching every day as he learns something new, or discovers a new way do get into something!
Kyle's list of words now includes:
* Please (usually sounds like meeee, but we know what it means)
* Baby
* More please ( sounds like mo meee)
* Eat (usually said to Jacob at the dinner table!)
* Nugget (his favorite!)
* See (Usually yelled at me when I have my camera! He wants to see everything I take a picture of!)
* Candy
* Tea (Every time I open the fridge and he sees the tea pitcher!)
* Go
* Bat
* Pumpkin
* And he has learned the sounds a police car, ambulance, and fire truck make (Insert siren sounds!)

I can't wait to see what the month of November brings!

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