Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sandy, Halloween, and getting organized!

What a crazy week it was last week! It began with Hurricane Sandy on Monday! We had to drop Austin off at the station to bring the boats up to Massachusetts, so we were on our own as the winds picked up! Luckily, that is about the most of what we got here. It did not rain as much as I expected, so we didn't have any flooding in our area. We did lose power around 4:00 on Monday, but it was quickly returned around the same time on Tuesday! We were very blessed to not have any major damage. Down in Narragansett, however, the people were not so lucky. After dropping Austin off Sunday, the boys and I went down to Narragansett Beach to take some pictures of the waves. We went back Wednesday after the storm and we were not allowed into the parking lot! It was completely covered in rocks and sand! Not little tiny gravelly rocks, either! Big ones. That used to be down by the water. A restaurant we ate at last year when my mom visited was damaged really bad. The waves were crashing over the second story!
Narragansett Beach- Sunday before Sandy

Point Judith

Once the winds started picking up at the house, little branches started showing up in the lawn. Jacob and Kyle decided we should go outside for a bit and check things out!

Wednesday afternoon, after everything was over, we took a drive back down to Narragansett beach. It was a completely different place than it was just three days before!

Sand being scooped off the roads

The Coast Guard House Restaurant

This is the parking lot where I took pictures from on Sunday!
It was so heartbreaking seeing all the damage, and kowing that we didn't even suffer the worst of it!

Getting ready to go outside and add fake blood! He couldn't even keep a straight zombie face! :)
All ready to go!

Kyle got to ride in style!
I was very surprised that our neighborhood was still going to celebrate Halloween. I heard on the radio many other towns were postponing for a few weeks. Jacob was very excited to get to trick-or-treat. Kyle had no clue what was going on, but once he figured out he could get candy, there was no stopping him! Our neighborhood has the best candy, too! :)

Finally...I actually got to complete my Organization Challenge this week! After losing power for over a week last year with Hurricane Irene, I wasn't taking any chances this year! Jake and I tackled his closet and got it done just about an hour or so before the power went out! This week's challenge was to Organize Closet Space For Your Kids. I feel like we are always going through Jake's closet to try and make it better or more organized. Hopefully this time, it will work a little better! Here are our before and afters:

Much better!!
That's all I have for today! I will be back tomorrow witha nother menu for Menu Plan Monday!!
See you then!

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