Wednesday, December 10, 2014

12 Days of Christmas Crafts | Day 6 | Pillow Covers

Today's post actually comes from a couple weeks ago. I took a trip to IKEA. I really really love that place!! I found these great pillow covers for only $6! I couldn't decide which one I wanted more, so I got one of each. I don't have enough pillows in their size to get two of each. Our living room couch has 6 pillows on it, 2 of each size. I had the middle size covered, so I needed to find something for the others. I ended up going to JoAnn Fabrics a few days later on a mission. I wanted something Christmas-y, but I didn't want Christmas Trees and Presents and such. I also wanted a heavier fabric than all the holiday prints offered. Our living room is very neutral, so I wanted to bring in some seasonal color. I ended up finding a solid marigold color and a green printed fabric that I love.

I usually make envelope-style pillow covers, but I found a bunch of zippers in my stash that I decided to use this time! They were the perfect size! I even love how the colors compliment the fabric, but aren't the same color (or just plain white!) There was no method to these covers. I laid my pillow on top of the piece of fabric, added about an inch, cut it, and sewed it shut. I wanted something quick and easy, and that is how I accomplished it! I don't always have time for pre-planning and measuring and pinning and such!

Here's how they all look on the couch! What do you think??
I am very pleased with how they all turned out. I love walking into the room to see the bright colors. It's even better to know that I MADE it! (Except the two from IKEA, of course!)

This guy is sure enjoying them! :)

 I have no idea what we will be crafting tomorrow, so be sure to check back!! :)

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