Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Learning on Vacation!

During our visit home for Thanksgiving, we decided we wouldn't worry about school work. Jacob left all of his books at home, and thought he would be learning about anything new for two whole weeks! Boy was he wrong! There was so much learning in disguise!
First up was building a bridge to cross over the ditch to the golf course for a play on the 9th hole with dad and grandpa. Jacob was very proud of himself for helping with this bridge! He even told me how he put all the mud in between the logs to help secure it, just like we learned about!
We also went to an awesome little museum in New Bern!  This was such an educational experience! We learned how the newspapers were written, how many people it takes to man a ship, and how turpentine was made back in the day! We were all exhausted at the end of the day! It was so much work! Here are some photos from our week of "vacation"

We also learned that tree rings don't only tell how old a tree is. They also tell about climate changes during the life of the tree!

Who knew vacation could be so educational? ;)

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