Monday, December 17, 2012

Menu Plan Monday!

Menu Plan Monday is back already! My "not so busy week" went by so fast! We didn't have too many unexpected plans, but our menu changed a lot. Last night, we ended up having
a baked potato and salad bar. We don't go to Ruby Tuesday often, but when we do, this is usually the only thing I order! It's kinda my favorite! Here's what our little set up looked like, and my plate before I dug in! I even made some homemade ranch dressing! :)
Tonight's original meal was supposed to be some kind of Asian Cabbage noodle bowl thing. I have the recipe, and we have eaten it before (It is SO good) , but I let someone borrow the book, and they weren't home for me to get it back today :( And  I can't find it online anywhere!That might be because I can't remember the name of it! So, guess what is for dinner Monday?!

Monday: Asian Cabbage Noodle Bowl thing (I WILL find out the correct name of this recipe and share it! lol)

Tuesday: Grilled/Smoked Turkey! I am very excited for this dinner! We will most likely have stuffing or mashed potatoes or something with this

Wednesday: Taco Soup- I feel like I keep adding this to the list, but we haven't had it yet!

Thursday: Breakfast

Friday: Pizza, popcorn, and a movie night!!

Saturday: Kale & Sausage Ragu
Sunday: We are hosting a Christmas Eve Eve dinner potluck at our house!

Breakfasts will include: omelets, homemade oatmeal, grits, biscuits and gravy, and smoothies
Lunches will be leftovers(probably lots of turkey!), sandwiches (with turkey!), mac & cheese, and whatever else we might find! :)

What are you eating this week? I would love to hear your ideas! Dont forget to head over to I'm an Organizing Junkie for more menus and recipes! I will be taking next week off to spend time with my gamily for Christmas! I hope youall have a great two weeks!

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