Wednesday, December 3, 2014

12 Days of Christmas Crafts | Day 2 | Coffee Filter Snowflakes

Welcome to day 2!!
Today we made coffee filter snowflakes. I've had a stack of coffee filters hanging around for a while. We own a Keurig, but, we had a drip coffee maker for our camper. We got rid of that coffee maker when we moved , so I really had no use for the filters. I decided they needed to be put to good use!
I'm sure you have seen the gazillion tutorials for different versions of these on Pinterest. If not, you're in the right place!! :)

This craft was kid-friendly enough for my almost 4 year old. He really enjoyed cutting all the shapes. I didn't get a picture of our supplies, but we used:
Plain scissors
Decorative scissors
Hole Punch
Spray bottle with water
And, of course, coffee filters.
I folded each filter in half 3 times, so it looked like a piece of pizza when I was done. For a couple of them, I drew shapes that Kyle could cut, but we mostly just free handed everything.

We made quite the mess!!

  At the end, we decided we wanted to color a few. (This is where the markers and spray bottle come in!) We colored all over the filter with washable markers, then Kyle got to spray them with water. He really enjoyed watching all the colors run together. Once they were all dry, we cut them into snowflakes, too.

While they were drying, we hung up our white ones. They made a great decoration for our big sliding door!! (This photo was before we added the colorful ones!)

What crafts are you working on?? Feel free to share your photos over on my Facebook page!!

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