Thursday, October 23, 2014

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Today I want to share a little about pantry organization. this may end up being a multiple part post, so today I am just going to talk about spices.

I love having things organized! I love how everything looks when it all has a home. What I don;t like is when I can't find a way that is functional to organize something that I use regularly.  Spices are a great example. I have seen and tried so many different ways to keep these little containers in order. It wasn't until my mom gave me this old plastic Coca-Cola crate thing that I had no idea what I would use it for that I found the perfect solution!When we lived in Rhode Island, one of the cabinets had the perfect shelf for it. It fit the height and width of the crate perfectly! I was able to pull it out and easily find whatever herb/spice I needed at the time. then, I took it to the next level. Instead of pulling out each container to see what it was, I wanted a way to easily identify them. For the last few years, I would write on the cap and find them that way. This was really hard with the black lids!
One day, while I was in the office, I found this pack of Avery labels. Do you see where I am going with this??

I got to work labeling each and every jar. I used a fine point sharpie so it wouldn't bleed and smear everywhere. I am in love with how easy it is to find everything now!

This month, I am also participating in A Bowl Full of Lemons' 31 Day Purge. Day 20 was spices. We recently moved, so most of the challenges I did before we packed. Or so I thought. I didn't do the spices until a few days later when I was looking for something else and realized one of the spices has passed its 'best by' date. That got me curious, and so I went through them all. I had a few that were past their prime! (luckily they all expired this year within the last few months, so it wasn't THAT bad!)

Just a few!

When putting everything back and organizing it all, I realized I have a lot of cinnamon. Like A LOT! I remember buying it frequently over the summer thinking I was out all the time. Must have been the new mommy brain! I have two containers of regular cinnamon, a Roasted Saigon Cinnamon, Roasted Cinnamon, and two containers of cinnamon sticks! (One of them is almost empty, thankfully!) I think I should start using some of it up!

Here is my container in all its glory! What do you think? How do you keep your spices organized??

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