Monday, February 10, 2014

Bento lunches! | Valentine's week

             I love the idea of a bean to lunch. I've made a couple in the past, but they weren't that awesome because I didn't have proper compartments for everything. I was recently browsing in Pinterest, and became reminded of the bento lunch box. I went on Amazon to try and find a good one for Jake. I didn't like that I couldn't see how big they were. Then, one review I read mentioned getting the same one at Walmart. Why had I never thought of this option?? It just so happened that grocery shopping (at Walmart) was on my list of things to do that day. I was instanly excited to go to walmart (this doesn't happen often, especially on a Saturday!)

           As soon as I got in the store, I made a beeline for the kitchen aisles. There were so many options! This is not something I was prepared for!  I wanted them all! I settled in an expandable one that comes with a little container for dressings. It was labeled 'for salads' but it definitely can work for anything. 

           Today was my first real attempt at a bento launch. We went out to lunch yesterday, and I had some leftover BBQ chicken. Who doesn't like cold BBQ chicken??  I added carrots (cut into a heart shape for Valentines day!) and some fries and applesauce. Oh and a chocolate heart candy for dessert. I hope he likes it!

Do you have any good bento lunch ideas??  I would love to see them! Feel free to share them onager on my Facebook page!

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