Sunday, October 21, 2012

Family Photos!

It is very rare (or ever!) that I actually get to be in a photo with my family, since I am usually the one behind the camera.However, last week, a friend of mine (Ashley at Our U.S.C.G Life) offered to take our photos while we were taking her family's photos! I had such a great time, but man was it hard work! Trying to get an almost two-year-old to sit/stand still to have his picture taken is not easy! Ashley was able to get a few god ones, though!!
After a few failed attempts...

We managed to get a decent one!

Thank you again, Ashley, for allowing us to have these photos! My prints are already on their way!
If you want to see how Ashley's family photos turned out, I will be adding them to my Photography blog later today!

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  1. No problem! I will take pics of your beautiful family anytime. It gives me practice! Thanks also for teaching me your tricks.


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